Ultra Fudgey Chocolate Decadence

I think I am doomed with it comes to baking cakes. I am sure to make some sort of boo-boo when I get around to it.

The story is that my sis has been asking me to bake her a chocolate her for some time and now when I finally got to it ... I made this!

What was it suppose to be??

It was suppose to be Baking Illustrated's Chocolate Sheet Cake. Click here if you want to see a more decent picture of it and also the recipe. But I used the wrong measuring cup and ended up with less flour and sugar.

How did the cake taste anyway??

Well, I gave most of it to my sis and she sent me this sms: "I've eaten 2 slices of ya cake and I've thought of d perfect name 4 it - Ultra fudgey Chocolate Decadence." I want to think that she must have liked it alot. The cake was, needless to say, dense.

When cooled, the cake has a dense fudgey mouthfeel, much like eating a brownie. As I mentioned that I used the wrong measuring cup, the cake wasn't overbearingly sweet. All things considered, I think it was still a good cure for my sister's craving.


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