Buried In Books

I've just gotten my hands on a novel which I came across the other day at the airport. Well, yes, I am one of those cheapskate who would stand and read books without buying while waiting to board a plane. The shop attendant did show their discontentment by trying to arrange books directly infront of me, but the book was just too interesting for me to look up at her. I merely moved aside. Ha!

I thought that I would be able to devour the whole 600-page book over the weekend, but I was so dead wrong. It turns out that our little princess came down with a case of mild stomach flu (she caught it from me) and needs more mommy-chummy time than usual. Well, life is never as we planned it to be.

So over the weekend, I have managed to cook the Cajun Chicken, Sausage and Corn Stew which was my multiple-meal solution for a lazy weekend. Unfortunately, I was a tad too liberal with my cayenne pepper which resulted in an adults-only meal. Maybe the next time round I will drop the cayenne peppers and substitute the bell peppers with carrots to make it a kiddy meal.

Now, back to planning what's the next meal to make ... and also my novel.


  1. It's been a while since I last read :(
    What's the book abt? Really interesting?

    Ah, did you fly somewhere?

  2. The book is just some historical war/romance novel. I am halfway through it now, not terribly interesting, but I intent to finish it and then move on to the sequel. I was flying to KL for a day trip that day.


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