To water or not to water. I thought that I know that basic before I decided to buy the plants. I mean I killed enough basil previously to know when a plant needs watering. But it seems that I still don't know what I don't know. Am I making sense here? Well, perhaps the different environment dictate different requirements.

Without going into any more philosophical talking, suffice to say that my mint plant was near death last night. It was still looking in full bloom when I last looked at in the daylight. But come night time, they collasped! Yes, withered and dying. Gosh! It was merely just 3 days since I brought them home, and I have the first casualty on hand. I watered the plants and went to sleep sadly.

After a much troubled sleep, I woke up before the sun and literally ran to planter to check on the mint. Much to my surprise, the little fella looked pretty much the same as when we first bought it. And now I am wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me. That was a close shave. But then again it was one lesson learnt about watering requirements of the different plants.

Just a quick note about the watering requirements for the plants:

~ Rosemary: water when soil dries out completely
~ Thyme: water when soil dries out completely
~ Sage: water when soil dries out completely
~ Basil: water before soil dries out completely
~ Mint: do not let soil dry out; likes moist soil


  1. I once helped my ex-coll watered her pot of african violet when she was on long leave.

    Worrying that the plant would not hv enough water over the wkend, I watered generously on Fri evening & to my dismay, I over-watered & the flowers/leaves looked drowned & withered after that.

    I thought I've killed the plant but my ex-coll brought it back to life with her nuturing. She said only need to remove the dead parts.
    Sounds easy but I think it works differently for diff kinds of plants.

  2. Yes, I had an african violet once, many years ago. Instead of watering at the base, I drowned the fella top-down. The beautiful purple flowers turned black and died. Soon the whole keel over. Well, guess we learn as we go along.

  3. Oh i made same mistake as you..Watered top-down instead of at the base.

    Now then I know. My 2nd mistake apart fr over-watering!

    Yup I love its lovely purplish flowers :)


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