More Books than Cooks

Now post move, I am still trying to settle down on a new routine for all of us. Our little princess is now attending school for longer session and although I've effectively usurped the car it also meant that I am the de-facto driver. So many changes in the span of a week!

I have done some cooking in my new kitchen but largely churning out things that we familiar with. Perhaps with so many changes we need to hang on to something familiar afterall. I have also done a chilli but I think this blog has seen too many chillis.

Ok, enough of my ramblings. Just want to share with you what on earth I am doing right now. Apart from trying to make small adjustments here and there in the house, I am reading quite abit. Books include: Buddha Said, The End of Food, Dawn of Empire and also The Black Swan. Yes, they are not food related the some of them are so profound that I have to chew my way through para by para. But they are interesting reads.

Other things that takes up pockets of free time? Watching DVDs, of course! I have just finished East of Eden (56 episodes, okay!) before we moved and Twilight last night. East of Eden is really a good show but 56 episodes is not a drama anyone should watch prior to house moving. Twilight was entertaining but I fail to see what the big hoo-haa was about. The actors are still wet behind their ears and I have to try second guess what emotion they are trying to portary all the time. Terrible! And I am not even going to talk about how absurd was its concept of vampires it was trying to depict.

Now, I'm going back to my books. Where was I ... ?


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