Nicoise Salad

Did you know that salad is now the new bubble tea in Singapore? Execpt that it is a whole lot healthier.


Okay, maybe not healthier. But definitely a whole lot more fibre.

There. A more politically correct statement.

For the longest time, salad to me was:

(1) just a lazy cook's way of adding fibre into the menu. I mean, come on, you don't even cook your vegetables? Maybe it is just me who has been brought up eating 99% of my vegetables cooked.;

(2) more for decorative purposes on a plate than as a side dish.

In short, I never took salad seriously.

But now I am a lazy cook myself, I am looking at salad with a whole new set of glasses. Especially after trying them out during my sampling of the Gourmet Cookbook and my Cooking The Cookbooks - The Best of America's Test Kitchen 2007. Suddenly I realised that I do like salads for the refreshing taste and do they make a difference in a meal experience. Or that they could actually be a meal by itself. Like this Nicoise Salad.

Boiled potatoes, sliced eggs, and green beans. It was a hearty fare for a lunch. I topped mine with leftover salmon even though the recipe called for canned tuna.

I used a recipe similar to this.

Now, I'm searching for more salads to make.


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