Cream Scones

I think I might as well rename this blog Simply Scone since they appear ever so often here.

I know you have read it before but I feel I need to say this again - I love scones.

There ... I feel better already.

Okay, let's get down to this curious thingy that I have here. One look at it sitting in the multi-coloured spotted paper muffin cups, declare itself anything except scone. But it is a scone, my friend. Don't let the looks deceive you.

So how did the scones ended up in the paper cups? Well, I had initially wanted to freeze the whole batch of scones. The decision to freeze it made it necessary for me to portion out the scones rather than to do the usual method of patting it into a circle and scoring it into wedges. I did that for the cranberry scones for our brunch previously. As the dough/batter was quickly sticky, I didn't fancy rolling it out on a flour board and then wash the board, roller, cutter AND mixing bowl when I could get away with washing just a spoon AND a mixing bowl. I think I should add Lazy as my middle name. So I scooped out the dough/batter and plop them into the paper cups and since they were already in the paper cups, might as well bake them in the muffin tray. I felt so clever.

After swallowing my last blueberry scone, I had been thinking of what flavour of scone to make. Green tea? Cheese? Nutella? Then Mark Bittman from NYTimes provided me with an answer. How did he know that I was thinking about scone? Spooky. He simply made plain Classic Scones. Although I had printed his recipe for them, I didn't really feel adventurous enough to venture away from my trusted recipe. When I flipped open my JOC, I realised the uncanny similarity right down to in the measurements of ingredients. How did he know I was using JOC for my scone recipe? Spooky spooky.

The scones were just pure joy to eat straight out from the oven. They just crumble on the slightest contact with your teeth and then begin to melt on your tongue almost immediately.

Oh gosh, I need a scone right now. I think I need professional help. This is bordering on obession!

Note to self: Seems that there is another Classic Scone recipe from JOC. Maybe from the 2007 edition.


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