Idle Time

I had just finished a Korean drama, "Pasta", and was quite intrigued by the sign that the restaurant in the show would hang after it had closed for lunch till dinner time. The sign simply said: "Idle Time". But as someone who has worked in a real Italian restuarant before, I know that the time in between has nothing to do with idle. After the last lunch diner leaves the restuarant, wait staff and kitchen crew would start the prep work for the dinner shift, albeit at more relaxed pace.

I would like to think that I am on idle time currently too. My cooking has recently been shifted a gear down. Most of my spare time now has been split between catching up on my readings and also trying to cope with our little princess academic progress in school. Her teachers have warned us that the pace of school work will be kicked up a few notches as they start preparing the kids for primary school (!!!). As I have been schooled the mainstream way, I found myself at a complete loss when it comes to Montessori methods. So instead of me teaching her, she spent alot of time trying to teach me (!!!) how she does her work in school.

Right now, I am in the midst of making a list to prepare for a Korean theme BBQ. Every time after finishing a Korean drama I would crave for Korean food. I think that is their hidden plan to promote their country and the food.

So for now, it is "IDLE TIME".


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