Breakfast Challenge

Breakfast is by far the most challenging, and hence often forgone, meal in my house.

Getting myself out of bed, regardless of whether it is 7 am or 12 noon, is already a chore enough. Getting our princess out of bed is also another. Do I need more on my plate?

As a result, we usually just go with the liquid breakfast. Milk for the two of them and tea for myself. That's it. Yes, it is a sorry state of affairs. And I doubt that things will change anytime soon ceteris paribus.

However, one morning I just craved for something sweet. PMS, maybe. And was I glad to have these blueberry scones in the freezer. Yes, they are scones and they have appeared here many times. I can't help it. I just love scones.

I can't remember which recipe I had used for this batch of scones, but I know it is either from Cook's Illustrated or Joy of Cooking. Both just taste good. But then again I am partial when it comes to scones. The recipe from Cook's Illustrated can be found here and the recipe from JOC can be found here from What's for Dinner. I have also written a post some time ago on how to freeze the scones here.

Making scones doesn't require any special equipment, other than the oven of course, nor special skill. That's probably why I felt such an accomplishment each time after turning out a batch of them.


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