Ikan Billis - The Easy Way

I just learnt a new trick to crisp these fellas up in the oven. Horray!! No bothersome frying with oil. I still can't shake off my experience of frying these way back ago.

I had wanted to make porridge to go with it, but the porridge just never did turn up in my pot. Maybe my pot is just not magical, afterall. So in the meanwhile, I am chomping these down as snacks.

To crisp ikan billis in oven:

(1) Choose clean and preferable headless ikan billis.
(2) Rinse a couple of time to rid of unwanted particles and also wash off excess salt.
(3) Lay to dry on paper towel and press another paper towel on it to remove excess moisture.
(4) Preheat oven to 200 degC and lay a baking sheet with aluminium foil.
(5) Spread the ikan billis out evenly on the baking sheet with minimal overlapping.
(6) When the ikan billis is slightly coloured, remove from oven and redistribute the ikan billis for more even baking. Total baking time should be about 15 min.


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