Melting In The Heat

Whenever Hubby asked me to avoid walking in the rain, I would remind him that I am neither made of salt nor sugar and therefore will not melt in a slight drizzle. He'd roll his eyes on that reply.

But today I would like to add on to that statement: "Except in blazing heat."

I really really detest these unbearably hot days. It saps my energy. It saps my inspirations. It saps the life out of me. And I am staying away from the stove, oven and any other cook appliance that generates heat.

However, I've been reading everywhere on the internet space that everyone is welcoming summer with picnics and bountiful farmers' market trips. I wish I could share their positive attitude. By the way, I have just found out that there is a farmers' market here in Singapore but it is only up on the first Saturday morning of each month. I learnt of it too late for this month, so I will probably try again next month (Aug. 6). Click over to The Pantry for more details on their farmers' market.

Anyway, while I am shifting down a few gears in my cooking, I am taking the opportunity to clear up my fridge and freezer. For now I am re-stocking my fridge mostly with drinks and fruits.

Since school semester has re-started, I have been kept busy sitting down with our princess to do home revision as well as reading story books. She has already completed her compulsory story book reading in school and her reading skills has sort of turned rusty from lack of practice during the June holidays. So now, instead of me doing the reading, she would read to me. My little girl is growing up fast. Just yesterday she washed up her own milk bottles. Yes, she is still on milk bottle at this grand old age of 6. Don't tell her I told you that. You didn't read this here.

Princess: "Mummy, how do you get the teat out?" Her little fingers struggling to pull the teat out of the milk bottle.

Me: "What are you doing?"

Princess: "I want to wash my own milk bottles."

Me: "It's okay. Just leave them there and I will wash them later. The detergent is very harsh on your hands."

Princess: "No! I really really want to learn how to wash my own milk bottles. Will you please show me?"

Talk about scarcity value. She thinks it is all great fun to play with soapy water and brushes. Well, I am not about to correct her thinking so long as she doesn't waste too much water having fun while I lounge on the sofa with my book.


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