Pancakes On Sunday

While it has been mentioned many times on this blog that I love breakfast, I just couldn't get around to making it in the mornings. Every ounce of bones in my body is lazy, and I am 33 years too late in changing that.

However, maternal instincts proves there is hope yet.

Our little princess woke up on Sunday morning and asked what are we going to have for breakfast. I cracked open one eye to assess her seriousness in getting breakfast and also to rule out the possibility that she asked the question for the sake of striking up a conversation in the morning to wake me up. Yes, she does that some times. Her hungry eyes told me that she was ready for pancakes and her first taste of maple syrup.

After a rather large cup of my soul sustaining morning tea, I was torn between flipping pancakes and trying to pry the maple syrup bottle away from her sticky fingers.

I love the Joy of Cooking pancake recipe which makes thick, soft and fluffy pancakes. Seriously good stuff I would pay good money to eat.


  1. Hey.. I realised we are probably about the same age! :) I love those pancakes. Very impressed.. I'd make these.. :)

  2. Yes, do try them. I swear by these pancakes anytime! :)


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