While Driving, I Think About ...

While driving, I think about ...

... whether my favourite parking lot at the office carpark has been taken.

... what songs are playing in the car waiting beside me at the traffic junction.

... what are the people thinking while waiting at the bus-stop.

... how hot it is going to get today, judging by the intensity of the morning sun at 8 a.m.

... what I need to get done when I get into my office.

... when Friday is coming.

... why the couple on the motorcycle beside seems so chatty early in the morning.

... why the couple in the luxurious car beside me are so silent.

... what made the jogger choose to run on the pavement along a congested road.

... whether they teach bus drivers aggressive driving techniques in driving school or they picked that up along the way.

... why almost half the songs on my car play list are in foreign languages.

... what to cook for dinner tonight.

... whether it will rain today.

... whether our little princess is late for school again.

... what terrible parents we are.

... why everybody seems to like my favourite parking lot.

And before walking away from the car, I counted four wheels and two side view mirrors.

Life is good.


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