Ever heard of SpongeBob Square Pants?

If your answer is no, click here. And you probably need to lighten up and live "The SpongeBob Way" once in a while. (^.^)

If yes, you would know that the nothing-can-put-him-down SpongeBob works at a diner call The Krusty Krab, frying up all the Krabby Patties. Whenever I hear that name, I would think of crabcakes, although I won't know for certain if SpongeBob is flipping crabcakes or not (looks like beef patties from the cartoon).

While packing my little cherub's toy box on Sunday, I saw her book set of SpongeBob books and I thought, hey, let's make some Krabby Patties! I dug up a pack of crabmeat and anxiously flipped my Joy of Cooking. The recipe was easy, but the hardest part I think was having to wait for an hour or two for the breadcrumbs to set before frying.

This is my first time making crabcakes and I am quite happy with them. Hubby happily chomped down most of them with Tobasco sauce and our little one swiped one away too!


  1. crab favorite!! yours look really crispy, glad your hubby and little one liked them =) i made crab cakes sometime back, not sure if you seen the entry? its here :

    do ours differ much? would love to try your recipe!

  2. Yes, I have seen your crabcakes. Mine uses only dry breadcrumbs. The ingredients list look pretty much the same. If you are interested to try Joy's recipe, let me know.


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