Crab and Herb Fettucine

I spotted this recipe from Gourmet Today, and I wished that I haven't.

The dish was utter horrid. I didn't imagine that any of Gourmet's recipe would go down to that standard. 1/4 cup white wine vinegar was overpowering and the recipe calls for 170g of butter!

The recipe can be found here.

Gourmet Today is not going to find a spot on my cookbook shelf, despite what I had said earlier about getting a memorabilia. Perhaps I haven't graduated to that sort of cooking yet. But I doubt that I would go there anytime soon.

What I spent yesterday for the dish:
$10.90 - crab meat
$1.95 - tarragon
$1.95 - chives
$1.95 - Italian parsley
$7.95 - white wine vinegar
Total: $24.70

On the lookout for the next recipe to try ...


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