Pasta Salad with Feta Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Olives

Do you buy things that appears only on your shopping list? Or there are always some extras that get thrown in as well? That's me. I usually end up with 12 items when my list clearly only has 10.

So when we got home this afternoon, I realised that I need to re-fuel. My growled loud enough to make my princess jump. A quick raid on the fridge yielded very promising ingredients: avocado, cooked chicken, cooked pasta, feta cheese and capers. The feta cheese and avocado had never appeared in my shopping list before. Ever.

Flipped the Bon Appetit Cookbook and found this recipe, which I managed to put my version together in 15 mins (excluding washing the blender).

This is my first time trying feta cheese and I found it dense (in a good sort of way), creamy and quite salty. The pasta salad was a tad too tangy (read: sourish) to satisfy a growling stomach, but I would imagine that it would be quite nice as a picnic bring-along.


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