What's On Your Favorites?

I often wonder what is on another's person's Favorites. It's highly personal for sure, but I am highly curious nonetheless. Much like taking a peek into someone's fridge. By the way, if you love to look at someone's fridge, click away here at Fridge Fetish.

Ok, so here goes my list on my Favorites:

~ Food-related ~
E*Recipe (wonderful pictures of Japanese food, if only I could understand everything on it!)

Cookthink (good place to give you idea on what to cook with ingredients on hand)

Food Blog Search (a search engine working on a database of food blogs)

Foodgawker (feast with your eyes!)

English Muffins from King Arthur Flour website (something that I had been meaning to try but not done so)

NPR: Kitchen Window (I learned much later that this is actually the website of a national radio station of sorts; interesting articles on varied topics)

Traditional Oven: Cooking Converter (this is a life saver!)

SoShiok.com (this is some sort of our local version of Dining Section; good place to check out the latest food feature in town and also their buffet guide)

Apple-Cinnamon Bundt Cake (another recipe that I wanted to try out but never did)

Project Foodie (I can't really remember why I had added this to my Favorites, but they have delicious photos!)

Guardian: Food & Drink (I think I started reading this when I watched Chicken Run by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall who contributes interesting articles to the column)

Cookstr (another search engine with database by Chefs & Authors)

Smitten Kitchen Flickr (this is the place for those "extra" than those posted on her delicious blog)

PBS Video: Julia Child (the icon herself)

~ Non Food-related ~
Japanese Kanji Dictionary (online Kanji dictionary)

Denshi Jisho (online Japanese dictionary)

Mango Languages (provide free languange material regardless of your mother tongue)

Kiddy House: Ants on the Apple (this is for my princess when she was learning her phonics)

MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary (online Chinese-English dictionary)

Seneca: On the Shortness of Life (something to ponder on when my brains start to turn to mesh)

Now, this is just some of the stuff I browse online. Wait till you see my Reader list!


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