Hot and Sour Soup

Still remember when I talked about making your own stock? Well, I am still trying to find a all-purpose stock for both Chinese and Western cooking. *flip, flip, flip ... *

Hot soups are the best cure for rainy evenings. Stop raining already! My long-suffering plants are drowning! Well, that's a bit far from the truth, but they are really feeling the effects of too much water. Unfortunately, I don't make much soup around here. Not those nourish cantonese soups that my mom churn out daily. That is one area of cooking which I have not take a serious crack at.

This hot and sour soup recipe was taken from Cook's Illustrated. Their photos are always much better than mine, but I am not complaining. Not really. The time taken from making the stock to finishing took me about 2.5 hours. I don't know why it took me so long, maybe I fell asleep on my feet.

To make the soup child friendly, portion some out before adding the vinegar and chilli oil.

This soup comes close to those served here, but yet not quite. Perhaps it has to do with my stock.


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