Roasted Chestnut Soup

During my last trip from Tokyo, I bought lots of roasted chestnuts. They were wonderfully big, sweet and utterly delicious. Unfortunately due to luggage space constraint, I wasn't able to lug more back. (-.-)

When I flipped through The Minimalist Cooks Dinner, this soup caught my eyes but I filed it away since I doubt I would be able to get around to peeling the chestnuts. Tough job. But when they come peeled, that's a different story. I'll be eternally gratefully to those who peeled mine.

The recipe is absurdly short and easy to follow, that's what The Minimalist is all about. In under an hour, you have a soothing and satisfying soup.

And please splash the soup with some olive oil. If not for the visual effect (which mine has none), just for the sake of a silken smoothness of the slurp.


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