Learning About Myself

At this ripe old age of 31, I am still learning things about myself. Geez ...

I learnt that I ...
(i) have a bottomless stomach when it comes to creamy mashed potatoes;
(ii) can live on zucchinni to the exclusion of all other vegetables; and
(iii) am obessed about thinking what I can tuck into these little rice balls (おにぎり - onigiri).

I'm quite sure that there's something else that I don't know about myself yet. But then it wouldn't be fun if the whole story is unfolded in Chapter One (more like Chapter Thirty-One).

I made these balls last night with flaked pan-fried salmon. Season the fish lightly and pan fry. Then flake the fish before filling them in the rice balls. I had wanted to make a batch stuffed with preserved plum (梅干 - umeboshi), but I realised that I ran out of rice. Sigh ...

If you would like to try your hands on making these balls, go down to your nearest Daiso and pick up any mould that strike your fancy and read this page from Just Hungry on how to make them.



  1. I love onigiri! But the seaweed must be 'roasted' before :P

    Now i'm tempted to make them myself! heh

  2. Do make them! Another fun way to eat rice, especially for kids!


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