Looking at my little princess practice her dance in school reminded me of the time when I was dancing in my secondary school. All the hours of practice in preparation for one performance after the next. It was hard work but lots of fun too. During all those practices, we had to repeat our dances until our dance instructor was satisfied. He was sort of a perfectionist. An incorrect tilt of the head or arch of the arm of just one dancer will mean starting from the top again. We would moan and groan when that happened but come time for the show, we could almost dance with absolute confidence.

Now it seems to me that if I want to learn to cook something truely well, I might have to go through the same repetitive process until I could cook with the same sort of confidence. Unfortunately, most of the time when I try a new recipe, I seldom repeat it again soon enough to reinforce what I have learnt.

So I am hoping to change all that with a few of our favourite recipes. Hopefully with repetitions I will be able to internalise the recipes and tweak it according to our taste without looking up a reference.

These are the recipes I am working on right now:

1. Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

2. Bread

3. Salsa

4. Thai Curry Pastes

5. Beef Bowl (Gyudon)

Right now, I am still trying to memorise all the ingredients and matching them to which recipes. Getting old is not fun.


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