Roasted Red Bell Peppers

"What's this??!!" exclaimed my non-worldly friend when he saw this photo on iPhone the other day.

Well, I guess that is understandable from someone who doesn't even know how to appreciate the wonders of mayonnaise.

Anyway, these are some of the red bell peppers which I had roasted last week. I had intended to make some dish from it but they got lost in the fridge and only surfaced recently. Thank goodness they still looked as good, except for some wrinkles on the skin. Since the rest of the ingredients for the original intended dish was gone, I had to find a way to use these peppers up. So the only way, I could think of to prolong the shelf life was to roast them and keep them in oil.

Roasting red bell peppers is quite easy. Here's a step-by-step from epicurious.

So far I have been eating that with cheddar cheese and bread and also in my Mediterranean-styled pizza recently.

As for green and yellow peppers, I'm still working on liking them.


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