Weekend Brunch

Last Saturday we invited a few friends over for brunch and a splash in the pool for the kids.

Thank goodness the weather was friendly and before our friends came along, we were slathering layers of sunblock and donning our shades.

Of cos, I was no Martha Stewart to have nice placemats nor starched napkins.

And I even forgot to take of camera lens cover off the table! Geez ...

Now, this was the dish which I had the most questions about. "What do you call this again?" Well, that is understandable. I've never seen anything like this before anywhere except in my cookbook until that day when it came out of my oven. Cook's Illustrated has a photo of it online as well. And now that I look at it, mine looked mushy. Maybe that's why they pictured it whole rather than sliced. The recipe for this Breakfast Strata with Spinach and Gruyere can be found on Cook Like James blog. I did mine with zucchini.

Cherry yogurt muffins suffocating under layers of food wrap.

Orange and cranberry scones. These are the most handsome scones I have turned out in my baking career. So imagine my previous batches.

We had buttermilk pancakes too but I was just too busy chomping to take pictures once eating started in earnest.

I think I am beginning to like eating outdoors. Just not picnic style.


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