Weekly Bread

This is the typical loaf that comes out of my oven these days. Princess asked me why the bread always have 3 humps (think camel humps). I told her I haven't the fainitest idea. I just followed the picture of the recipe.

The first time that I turned out a soft and cottony bread was somewhere in Jan-2008. Since then, I hadn't baked bread often enough to nail down a single recipe which I could put together without a reference.

As I go on with my practice, I realised that I have alot of leftover bread in the freezer which I need to find something to do with. Well, that is a good problem to have right?

And also I have even ventured into adding wholemeal flour to it. Just like how I incorporated brown rice into out diet. Just a little, that nobody would be bothered by the addition. Myself, I don't like brown rice nor wholemeal flour for the taste and texture. So I had to sneak it in without being noticed.

*Clipped from NYTimes*

So after reading this article about white bread, I think it is time to buy more wholemeal flour.


  1. Yr family is so lucky to have home-made bread so often :)

    Still at home or back to school/work?

  2. Yes, back to school and work since last Wednesday. Thank goodness. I nearly went crazy staying at home with a restless tot.

    Unfortunately, I have to try arm twisting everyone to take my bread home with them. Haha ...


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