Good Read: Bee-bim Bop

Whenever I watch Korean drama, I will crave Korean food. Scenes of diners digging heartily into bowls of piping hot soups/stews, hungrily shoving white rice into their faces and the myriad colourful side dishes on the table. I am HUNGRY! I think there is some insidious subconsious brainwashing message embedded in each episode of those drama serials. Well, that's my conspiracy theory at least.

In hopes of our little princess joining us in our Korean food craze, I found Bee-bim Bop to be the perfect book to rope her in. She was so intrigued by all the ingredients that go into the dish and had asked me to prepare it for her.

Each flip has illustration that spread out over the 2 pages and the reading is simple enough for her to read by herself (with a little help of course). At the end of the book, there is also a recipe for making bee-bim bop.

I am always on a look out for food related storybooks which made Hubby to question my ulterior motive - was it really for our little princess or for my inner kiddy self?

I would think it is a little of both. *wink*


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