Carnivore Sauce

(photo taken from Cook's Illustrated website)

What's not to love when you have a plate like this placed right in front of you?

Maybe the glaring fact that you WILL overeat will give you pause.

Even our little princess was lured to the table and ate an adult portion despite her dislike for anything with tomato in it. I told her that the sauce over the pasta is called Carnivore Sauce because the variety of meats that went into the pot. Her eyes lit up with a those meat-loving twinkle.

I was fully prepared to slave away at the stove just to find out what exactly is an Italian Sunday Gravy. When I read the recipe, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Firstly, I need 4 types of meat for this sauce. And secondly, I don't have to brown all the meats. I sent up a prayer silently. It is strange. I have never regard myself as a reglious person, but being in the kitchen seems to make me so.

The prep work took less than 15 minutes. I know cos our little princess popped into the kitchen every 5 minutes asking if I am done. 15 minutes for a pot of delicious-ness? It is my most well spent 15 minutes of my life.

By the way, I should really suggest to America's Test Kitchen to change the name of this sauce. It is really a carnivore sauce. There's tender, juicy and flavourful meat in every bite. You can't escape it. Not that you will want to.


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