I Am Here But Not (Quite) Here

What are my excuses for being missing for the past weeks?

(1) Just back from Hong Kong.
Disappointing trip. Air pollution, heavy human traffic EVERYWHERE, high cost of living, and most of all, food sucks. The Hong Kong I remembered had all these as well but to a lesser degree. The street food was really good then. Every corner we turn, we would find something interesting and yummy. On the plane there, I had hopes of recapturing those delicious days, but I was just plain wrong. 4 days there seemed like eternity.

(2) Been busy reading books.
The last trip to Kinokuniya saw me carting 11 books out of the store. That was last month when they had a sale. Tomorrow (17th Nov) they are having another sale and I have already made a list of books to pick up. Will someone please cut up my privilege and credit cards?

(3) Photos in camera and not in laptop.
Lamest of all excuses. Yes, I am that lazy. I have just managed to upload some food snaps. So do check back with me again.

These probably sum up about what I have been up to.


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