Kimchi Fried Udon

I've made kimchi fried rice, kimchi pancakes as well as kimchi stew and am still constantly looking out for more ways to cook with this fiery delectable stuff. I thought I saw somewhere that you can make kimchi gyoza too.

When I saw the bags of udon and kimchi sitting in the fridge, I thought might as well match-make them ala yaki udon style.

This is the perfect example of my home cooking style - unconventional fusion and unsystematic measurements.


  1. Well well, next makan time, we go for korean food at tanjong pagar, want?

  2. Yes, quite a lot there, korean-owned ones.

  3. please share the recipe for this if you have! (:

  4. Hi Cynthia, sorry I don't have a recipe for this.


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