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Beauty And The (Lazy) Beast ... Part 2

It has been six months since I had started my daily facial beauty routine and although I can't say that I look any different than six months back, I must concede that I don't have dry skin on my face any longer and also when I do have the occasional pimple it tends to heal faster.

I have made a few tweaks (or slacks) to my beauty routine since. And I have also started to fiddle with some makeup which made the cleaning part even more important. So, here's my latest regime:

Step 1: Remove makeup.

This wipe is perfect for cleaning up on the go but I was told that it does not do a complete job as a makeup remover. Why cleaning up on the go? Well, I start my cleaning up on the way back home. I don't think I will give a dang even if my neighbours see me without makeup. In fact, I think they would be surprised to see me with makeup.

I bought this makeup removal last weekend. The light cream dissolves my mascara almost instantaneously without having to leave the cotton pad on the eye lid to dissolve the mascara. Surprisingly after wiping my face with this makeup removal, it feels fresh and clean as if I had just washed my face. But beware, this tube is costly. 200ml for around S$30.

Step 2: Cleanse.

I have mentioned this product in my earlier post. I don't think I will stop using this facial wash. Ever.

The last time when I was in Penang, the shop assistant told me to pick something up to round up my total purchase to a certain sum to qualify for some freebies. So I had picked this cleanser up as it was almost exactly the shortfall needed. When I first started using this, the scent reminded me of the cleanser I used when I was much younger. I believe it was Eversoft Avocado, or something like that. Are they from the same manufacturer? Or all avocado cleansers smell like this?

I alternate between these two products depending on where I am - toilet vanity top or bath. I cleanse my face in the morning and night. And another time after I finished cooking, if necessary.

Step 3: Scrub.

My dear brother spent a good 15 minutes extolling the benefits of scrubbing one's face to me. I will spare you of that, except to say that scrubbing is essential to bring out a new layer of skin. I scrub my face once or twice a week, depending on how dirty my face feels, so it is more of a psychological thing for me.

Step 4: Mask.

This is the part where I had slacked off. Even though my brother had drummed into me that I should be doing mask on my face weekly, I just can't seem to find the time (or mood) to do it. 25 minutes is a long time. Currently I am doing mask once a month and still using my stash from Nature Republic.

Step 5: Tone.

Somehow my toner seems to go the fastest. I am into my fourth bottle of this stuff. I alternate between this Nivea Sparkling White Toner and their blue version I had mentioned in my earlier post.

Step 6: Essence/Serum.

Again this is another area where I had cut corners. I am still using SK II Facial Treatment Essence and Neogence Hydrating Essence, except that I only do this in the mornings. Don't be like me, do this twice a day okay?

I am primarily using SK II Facial Treatment Essence but I find that my face tend to become more sensitive after using it for more than a week straight. When that happens I usually switch to Neogence Hydrating Essence for a day or two before switching back to SK II.

When I bought the Vichy 3 in 1 makeup remover, they had bundled a Normaderm Total Pore Resurfacing Essence with it. I gave it a try and I must say that the essence feels light on the face but I don't quite like the fragrance that comes with it. I apply this before I slap on the moisturisers. Still too soon to say if there are any visible improvement to my pores since I had only used it twice. At the rate I am going, maybe this little sample will last me to eternity.

Step 7: Moisturise.

I love this moisturiser from Vichy. It is so light and smells so wonderfully fresh. This is my primary moisturiser but when I am going out into the sun, I will revert back to Avene Light Hydrating Cream with SPF 20 which I had mentioned in my earlier post. Either that or I will still apply this Vichy moisturiser but slap on some BB cream from Nature Republic. Sunscreen is important to prevent freckles or premature aging of the skin.

Step 8: Eye cream.

I feel that this step is completely optional, but there are others who would tell you otherwise. I bought this roll-on on impulse when I saw that it proclaims to help with dark eye circles and puffy eyes. I don't see any visible improvement to date. Maybe I am suppose to use like 8 to 10 sticks to see any improvement? Again this doesn't come cheap. I think I paid S$29 for a 15ml tube.

Now I finally understood fully what my brother meant in our recent Whatsapp conversation.

Me: "There is a sale going on at Sasa @ Great World City!"

Brother: "Great! You should get more of the products they sell there. They are good."

Me: "Do you have anything you want to buy?"

Brother: "No. I have a lot already. Nine layers thick. Not enough face to apply."

I don't think I would be progressing to the nine-layer-thick regime any time soon. And I don't think it is a good idea to tell my brother that.


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