Couscous For You, Not Me

This is what my little princess had for dinner.

In case you can't really make it out, that's salmon and breaded zucchini on a bed of .... white rice.

This girl is seriously Asian. She can't live without her rice.

When I announced the dinner menu while driving back home, she calmly told me that she will not be eating any couscous. No matter how delicious it may be, she will have none of it. Then she gave me the 'either-give-me-my-rice-or-I-won't-eat-dinner' face.

She got her rice. I don't think I can do much to change that palette of hers anytime soon.

Anyway, this was how I had intended dinner to be. On a bed of herbed couscous.

I don't quite fancy salmon and hence opted for the only smallest portion available.

Cooking couscous is almost like cooking those cup noodles. Just bring water/stock to boil and then drop the couscous in. Off the fire and let it sit/soak. After 5 minutes, just take a fork to fluff it and, if you are really ravenous, eat it straight away.

Leftover couscous makes quick lunch when paired with leftover roasted vegetables.


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