American Sandwich Bread

What's a sandwich bread actually? Obviously it is for making sandwiches, but what is it in this loaf that makes it specially suited for making sandwiches? Maybe it is the sturdy nature of the crumb. Maybe it is the light flavour of the bread which compliment the sandwich filling of choice. I'm not too sure myself. But sturdy and lightly flavour it is. It is not your regular fluffy cottony loaf which are on the supermarket racks. This loaf can stand up to serious buttering or generous jam slathering.

Due to the cool weather we are having here, the proofing took slightly longer than usual. Apart from that, this recipe is easy enough to put together in 10 mins. And from then on, it is just pure muscle power. Of cos, it would help if you have a mixer to do that.

This recipe comes from America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook and the online version can be found here.


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