What's On Your Favorites (Part 2)

Wait ... Did I tell you that I have another stash of links in Favorites from my other laptop. Yup, and it is a really loooong list. But for the purpose of this post, I will stick to only food-related links.

So let's get started already ...

AirlineMeals (lots of photos of meals served onboard)

AllRecipes (during my early days of cooking, this was the main source of recipes)

Angie's Recipes (big and delicious photos; I love her baked goods photos)

Good Taste Australian (magazine's website)

BBC Food (dining section of BBC website)

BBC Converter (cooking converter from BBC website)

Betty Crocker (magazine's website)

BHG (magazine's website)

CDKitchen (recipe database)

Cheese.com (great resource to get to know cheese)

Conversion Calculator (another cooking converter)

Cookpad (Japanese version of AllRecipes)

Cooks.com (recipe database)

CooksRecipes (recipe database)

Cuisine (NZ food magazine's website)

Epicurious (food website for Conde Nast umbrella of magazines, which includes Gourmet and Bon Appetit)

Fine Cooking (magazine's website)

Food2 (recipe database)

The Sacramento Bee Food & Wine (newspaper's dining section)

Guardian Food & Drink (newspaper's dining section)

Food Network (TV channel website)

Home Bakery (Japanese bread making site)

E*Recipe (this was also in my previous post)

Jo's Deli & Bakery (Malaysian based food blog)

Kiplog Foodblog (whole list of food blogs to click through)

Land O'lakes (food ideas from butter and cheese producer)

LA Daily News Food & Dining (newspaper's dining section)

LifeStyle Food (collection of celebrity chef recipes)

Martha Stewart Food (recipes from her books and magazines)

Mass Recipes (recipe database)

NetCooks (recipe database)

Practically Edible (food encyclopaedia)

Recipe Archive (recipe database)

Recipe Source (recipe database)

The Seattle Times Cooking School (subsection of the newspaper's food section)

SFGate (newspaper dining section)

Waitrose (recipes from supermarket's website)

Yahoo! Japan Recipes (Japanese recipes with lots of photos; in Japanese only)

Happy Bagel (A Japanese cook's blog, mainly about baking; in Japanese only)

CakeLand (Japanese dessert recipe galore; in Japanese only)

Japanese Kindergarden Bento Blogs (in Japanese only)

Can't believe that I have so many links in my Favorites! Now, I'm off to sort out my Reader and hopefully share a few interest links that I have been following.


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