Food Forecast For 2010

This is my fourth edition of Food Forecast for this blog and I must admit that I am not quite the resolute person as I would like to think of myself. My miss rate seems much higher this time round. (-.-')

A quick review of 2009 Food Forecast will tell it all.

(1) Make more bentos.

I am happy to say that I did make more lunchboxes, but they are just not bentos. Neither nicely partioned nor are they attractive. So I shan't call them bentos. Now the question seems to be if I would be able to turn them into bentos.

(2) Make bread weekly.

Oh gosh, I feel almost embarrass to even be reminded of this three word cos I completely fell short.

(3) Explore more recipes with rice cooker.

Another don't-remind-me forecast.

(4) Don't miss an article from Mark Bittman.

I'm glad I didn't miss one. If I had I won't have made my chocolate fondue so many times in Dec. Sorry, I didn't blog on it cos fondue is messy business ya know. And I, being a utilitarian, am not someone who bothers with fancy fondue pots. Stop paying exhorbitant amounts to eat this in fancy places. Make yourself a nice dipping chocolate at a fraction of that sum. Just don't make it too often ya?

(5) Pack a picnic once a month.

Didn't really pack as many picnics, but after a few I came to realise that I don't really fancy sand in my food. And outdoor dining is a sad prospect in this hot and humid climate, not to mention the lack of nicely manicured gardens with wide open view sans pesky pigeons.

(6) Make more soup.

Not many soups were sighted on this blog. Yes, it is a deplorable condition.

(7) Eat more whole natural food.

Yes, I've managed to cut down on processed foods but I think there is still room for improvement. Reading Real Food and In Defence of Food changed the way I shop in supermarket these days. Another interesting book that I am ploughing my way through is The End of Food, which quoted someone as saying that the best diet is one which you don't eat anything that you don't make yourself.

So in this year's Forecast, I shall keep it simple.

* Eat more whole natural food *

* Make, not buy *

Short and sweet ya?

Happy New Year to all my readers.


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