Food Forecast For 2009

In line with what I started back in 2007, I thought I ought to jot down the general direction for this blog in the coming year.

But before I get into that, perhaps let's take a look at how this blog has fared in 2008. I've listed:

(1) make bentos for Hubby;

From records, I only see that I got to Bento #4, but I would like to think that I was probably at Bento #10. Why Bentos #5 to #10 didn't make an appearance here? They were just too ugly for a shot. I am just no food stylst in the mornings. But will I be making bentos this year? You bet!

(2) freeze pre-cooked foods;

I didn't only freeze pre-cooked items, I even froze unbaked bread (which turned out to be a diseaster!), unbaked scones/muffins/cookies, baked bread, etc. All in all, it was a bountiful year for my freezer which is now filled to capacity. Will I be freezing more stuff? For sure!

(3) learn Japanese; and

Strictly speaking, this isn't a food related resolution, so I shouldn't feel bad that I hadn't made much advancement in this area, right? So lame. Alright, my Japanese is still pathetic and I am no better at deciphering Japanese food blogs than I started out in the beginning of the year. There is definitely no lack of interest in this area, it is just that my eyes were turned else where. Will I making a headway with this? Good question. *scratching my head*

(4) make more fanciful bread as my goals for 2008.

I am sure happy to say that I have made some interesting bread in the year. This is something that I love to do and would definitely want to do more of it in the coming year. Since I have boycott the supermarket bread, making bread on a weekly basis is a huge challenge. This is something that I would have to work more on it.

Okay, now let's get on with the Forecasts for 2009.

* Make more bentos *

* Make bread weekly *

* Explore more recipes with rice cooker *

* Don't miss an article from Mark Bittman *

* Pack a picnic once a month *

* Make more soup *

* Eat more whole natural food *

Hope that I would have the same success rate as in the past years. (^.^)


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