Buns & Rolls

Have you heard of this sound by Meat Loaf that goes like this: "And objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are" ?

I don't know why I asked, but when I saw this photo, the song just popped into my mind.

Anyway, in case you are wondering what monsters they are, let me assure you that they are just meek little sausage buns.

I decided to finally try the white bread recipe from my Japanese bread book which I lugged back from Tokyo the last trip. The recipe yielded bread that was slightly tougher than I had expected. It lacks the soft and fluffy mouth-feel. Maybe the recipe was intended for a loaf but not buns. The recipe had only yielded 8 buns, so the next time when I am making it, I will most probably double it. Same amount of effort right?

Some of the buns in the picture are actually sweet potato buns (i.e. contains mashed sweet pototates as filling). I didn't take a picture of the cross section as I was too busy snatching them from my princess who has recently developed a love for Japanese sweet potatoes.

I just realised that my buns are in pairs! 双双对对!


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