Cooking Blind

Tick tock ... tick tock ...

It was 1 o'clock and my little princess is hungry for her lunch.

I looked at the 2 packages of minced beef on the counter and a bag of potatoes on the kitchen floor. What can I to do with these?

Sheperd's Pie, of course!

Dang! No time to refer to recipe book as I was giving my little princess a teachable moment (more like terrorising her now that I think about it - bad mommy!).

So I was on my own. Flying, or rather cooking, blind.

And how did the Pie turn out?

Thank goodness it tasted good enough! I was almost 95% close to the recipe, except that I didn't add stock to the mixure before I finished cooking mince mixture.

While cooking I recalled reading this piece Do Recipes Make You A Better Cook? It is a very interesting read and I sure agree with the author. Recipes are just spring boards. A guide to making a dish your own. The idea of cooking without a recipe (think: no need to flip your book with oily/wet hands!) is quite liberating, don't you think?


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