Ultimate Spicy Beef Nachos

I can't believe my luck when I spotted The Best of America's Test Kitchen 2008 at my neighbourhood library! I nearly wanted to jump with joy, but of cos I didn't as I was carry another 4 heavy books in my arms and trying to keep one eye on my little princess.

As I was flipping the pages, this gorgous page of nachos almost jumped out of the book. It made me drool like crazy and I knew that I had to show to this to Hubby. Once he gave his blessings, I promptly made a long shopping list for the next day.

If I had done this dish at one go, it would had easily taken me more than 3 hours since all the parts that go into it are made from scratch. Hubby had prep the beef the day before, and all I had to do was make the salsa, blend the beans and then assemble the nachos.

The nachos were the best that we had ever tasted. Full of flavours, spicy to boot and filled with lots of cheese pockets. This was the best junky dinner we had recently. But as the recipe yields 8 servings, there were only just the 2 of us. We halved the recipe and still ended up over-eating. I think I'll make this for social gathering next time, but with the heat tuned down a tad or two.


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