School Lunches

I'm back after my test and .... I passed! Yeah! Another step closer to the goal.

Oh ok, back to what I had wanted to talk about ...

My princess has been taking her lunches in school and the best part was that she did it out of her own free will! All I told her was that I would leave her packed lunch at the canteen and if she got hungry while waiting for me to pick her up, she could have her lunch first. Well, I shan't gloat overmuch at this early stage, incase she changed her mind in the coming days. But I do miss having lunch with her at home. Sigh ... I am such a contradictory mommy.

I didn't take any photos as Hubby packed her lunches and they weren't exactly bento style (read: 菜饭 style). Well, I guess I will have lots of opportunities now to practice my bento packing!

Chinese New Year is just round the corner and I haven't planned to prepare anything special for the occasion. Haven't any inspirations to work on yet. Are you planning to make something? Let me know, yeah?

Happy Lunar New Year to all my readers!


  1. we are doing shabu shabu this year.

    bought the dipping sauces and the thin sliced pork.
    decided we were not going to have fish balls and chicken.



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