Princess Bento #2

Pan fried chicken thighs
Old English sausages (behind the bear food separator)
Long beans eggs
Rice balls
Mayonaise (in the little orange container)

Yesterday's lunch in school went well! She was so proud that she finished the whole box, she ran up to me and declared that she was going to watch TV with her friends for a while before we head home.

Encouraged by her willingness to eat there, I packed another box for her today. But instead, I cut the pieces smaller (cos yesterday the teachers were struggling to cut the breaded pork for her) and skewered them with toothpicks. Hubby called it the kiddy yakitori lunchbox. It was definitely easier to eat but in her haste to join her friends to watch TV, she didn't finish up the whole thing. Sigh ... kids and TV.


  1. instead of tooth picks you might want to buy those kiddy animal picture sticks from Daiso (i got a whole container of it for only $2)
    much safer and we dont have to worry abuot splinters and super sharp sticks. :-)

  2. Yes, I know exactly which ones you are talking about! Thanks for the tip. I had to snip off the pointed end of the toothpicks that day to make them kid safe.

  3. er... btw, did you say tv??? in school?

  4. Yes, the school will turn on the TV for the kids who are waiting for parents to pick them up, or finished their lunch early and waiting for afternoon lessons to start. But it will only be on for about 20mins per day.


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