Pizza Bianca

Our little princess has never been fond of ketchup or any dish that involve tomatoes. While her peers are basically paddling in ketchup pools with either french fries or nuggets, she would look on with disdain and shudder. This is just as well. Who really knows what goes in to making ketchup please raise your hand? If you are interested, check it out here for what goes into a popular brand of ketchup. See High Frutose Corn Syrup amongst the list? Thanks, but no thanks.

So that brings us to our pizzas. She loves making them and does a good job, but she just wouldn't even take a bite of her own creations because it had tomato sauce. Necessity is the mother of all invention. Which lead me to create pizza without tomato sauce. Actually, I didn't create it. There already exist such pizzas it just so happen that it didn't cross my mind.

Making pizza now is a breeze. No more arm power required to wrestle with the dough. Hooray!

Let's meet the pizzas!

First up, Pizza with Sun-dried tomato pesto, mushrooms and Gouda cheese. (Was trying to clear out the little that was left of the tomato pesto.) This pizza went to the adults since it has tomato on it.

Next, is our little princess favourite - Pizza with mushrooms and Gouda cheese.

Lastly, Pizza with roasted red peppers, mushrooms and Gouda cheese. This was Hubby's favourite, but little did he know that I was just being creative by dumping that few miserable pieces of red peppers to evict it from the fridge.

I love making pizzas. Good for the fridge, good for the gluttons.

I need to get my hands on the "00" flour!!


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