Stranded In A Cafe

Well, not actually.

I am just sitting in the cafe of the dancing school which our little princess attends. Trying to kill time. But hey! I learn how to hook up my laptop to my iPhone! Presto! Eureka!

Okay, I am a technological idiot. I can't read instructions. So this is a relevation to me.

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Just been busy catching up on my sleep. Think I am coming down with some bug. (-.-)

Apart from sleeping, I had done come cooking here and there. Made foccacia, chicken provencal and chocolate bread. I will post these shortly when I get some free time to upload the photos. Other cooking that didn't get snapped by the camera include Triple Chocolate Brownies and Laksa. Sorry, just too hungry.

I am currently bringing Outliers to bed with me. Wonderful book. If my eyes didn't droop ever so often, I would have loved to finish up the book in one sitting.

Okay, gotta go! Princess is on her way out of her class!


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