Pizza Etcetera

And I thought that I was the only one who is in the pizza baking mode. Just spotted an article from NYTimes on making pizzas at home that spots blistered crunchy crust that is chewy and thin.

Oh my, would you just look at those pizzas?

I am in need of pizzas again.

Not the best thing for the caloric conscious, but still ...

... At least it is homemade, okay? Being homemade somehow absolve all incriminations of being unhealthy. In my mind.

So, now I think I know why one of the pizza dough recipes (yes they have quite a few variations) from Cook's Illustrated called for cake flour. Hmm ... they are really ingenious bunch of people. The recipe can be found at Baking Bites.

The article is full of useful tips such as letting the dough rise overnight for better flavour, the use of soft flours and sponge starter as well as going easy on the toppings.

The pizza bug just won't let go!


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