Roasted Tomatoes

My mom has recently taken a fancy to eating foods that are definitely not native. But the irony is that she cooks typical local dishes for as long as I have eaten her cooking. And that's where I, her only gluttonous daugther, come in. Her other offsprings are foodies but not much of a cook.

During one of those afternoons when she came for a visit, she spied a book on my table and started flipping through it. And when she was done, she declared that she would love to visit Italy and eat Mediterranean foods.

Me: "What would you like on your pizza?"

Mom: "Artichokes."

Me: "What would you like in the pan sauce?"

Mom: "Capers."

Me: "What would you like in your pasta?"

Mom: "Olives."

So when we found we had too many cherry tomatoes in the fridge, I decided to roast them. Just tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and capers. And, of course, salt and pepper. Generous amounts of them.

After about 45 minutes of roasting in a 180 degC oven, the resulting tray of tomatoes is delicious enough to eat on its own.

I packed the leftovers into a container with all the oil and it kept well for 3 days. Top it over toast and enjoy!


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