Hearty Vegetable Soup

I love the weather at this time of the year. The sky looked overcast most mornings. And when I turned into our carpark in the late afternoons, there will always be a slight drizzle.

Rainy days give me the perfect excuse not to drive. Not that I ride without protection from the elements. Just that I need any excuse not to drive. I'm born to be driven and rue the day I decided to learn driving. What madness has possessed me?

Not driving out meant that I have to dig deep into the fridge and pantry. Actually, I don't have to dig very deep. These days my fridge is always filled to its brim. Hubby even joked that we don't need to paste anything on the fridge during Chinese New Year cos it is so full already. You see, during Chinese New Year people will usually paste the 满 word (Chinese: plentiful) on the rice bins to symbolise the hope that there will be plenty of food for the coming year. Guess I don't need that sticker.

Yes, I have the tendency to horde more food than we could eat. I just can't stand the sight of a barren fridge. It makes me feel sad and deprived. Or is that deprived and therefore sad? My mind is a bit warped today.

What's in my fridge? Erm ... I'm not too sure actually. But I did manage to dig out enough to cook this vegetable soup.

This vegetable soup came from The Best of America Test Kitchen 2007, which was the first book in my Cooking the Cookbook experiment. I wonder why I didn't make it that time. Anyway, I will just add this on to the list.

Since the first day I started cooking from Cook's Illustrated/America Test Kitchen books, none the dishes I cook ever resemble that of those big whole page pictures. Sometimes not even remotely. Cos I just can't follow instructions. But this photo came really close to the picture on the book. Take a look at it.

The recipe for this hearty vegetable soup can be found at What Did You Eat? and it is amazingly easy. Just stir in ingredients one after another in one pot, blend it for the smooth texture and then add in those last minute ingredients back to that same pot. How easy is that? Now I sound like Ina Garten.

However, please note that you do need a blender to puree a good portion of the soup to achieve the smooth texture. Puree all, and you have a hearty vegetable soup for baby food. The recipe is completely meatless and we didn't even crave for meat.

The soup is thick, rich, smooth and sweet. Most of all, it is filling. We ate this alone for dinner while the rain continued to fall quietly from the sky outside.


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