Chicken Ratatouille with Garlic Roasted Potatoes

Our last trip to Hong Kong last November was ... unmemorable.

However, I did remember something delicious I ate onboard. I remembered because I snitched it from our little princess. I had to snitch because we were told that that particular meal option was no longer available. It was no longer available because the other option was dog food. Okay, too harsh on our national carrier. It was a terrible combination of something and something else, which I would rather forget. And it seems like I have.

While I had to endure looking at our princess enjoying her meal, I resolved that I will make something similar for myself once I returned to my kitchen.

When the stewardess came bearing a tray of what she said was "Chicken with potatoes", I eyed the covered dish suspiciously. Since kids get served first onboard, our little princess dug into it while we looked on curiously.

The name chicken and potatoes hardly do justice to the dish which came with a serving of ratatouille as well. I know meals onboard are NOT suppose to taste good, but the combination of roasted chicken and potatoes with stewed vegetables can hardly go wrong in my reckoning. Maybe I was hungry.

Instead of roasting the chicken and potatoes, I did a shortcut when I found a recipe for Chicken Ratatouille in The Silver Spoon. It was the first time I am using this book. This huge tome of Italian cooking contains so many dishes that I have never ever seen before in Italian restaurants here. Perhaps the supposedly "Italian dishes" that we are fed here are the same phenomenal creation as the Singapore Noodles which is so popular overseas?

The recipe can be found at Transon Nguyen's food blog with step-by-step pictures.

The cubes of roasted potatoes came from The Best of America's Test Kitchen 2007. They were easy to make. I prep these while waiting for the ratatouille to simmer. Great side dish to add on the last minute if you have a well stocked pantry which must have garlic powder. I bought it specially for this recipe. The potatoes tasted wonderfully garlicky without the harsh or burnt garlic.

I'm glad that the onboard meal ran out. Otherwise, I wouldn't have made this dish.


  1. What a tale, but you tell it so well. This food looks delicious though and I'd have no doubt eating it.


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