Food Forecast for 2011

Happy New Year to all my readers!

As always with the beginning of the year, it is a good time to lay down some food resolutions going forward.

2010 food resolutions were short and sweet. Simple but yet challenging in their own ways.

The year saw me buying lots of free range meats, organic milk, Omega-3 eggs and natural cheeses. They are definitely more costly, but being able to know for a fact that I am feeding our bodies with the most nutritious food available is worth it.

The manifesto of eating whole natural food is challenging when it comes to snacks and grains. I am still feeding our little princess lots of junk and also I can't seem to make a switch to whole grains. It is the wiring of this pair of brains I am carrying around. I'm still looking for a manual over-write.

While I have certainly been making more of my own foods than buying, there is still room for improvement.

Also in the year, I did the Cooking The Cookbook experiment. It was alot of fun and got to try out recipes which I wouldn't have otherwise attempted.

This year's food forecast will be similiar to the last, but with some new additions.

* Eat more whole natural food *

* Make, not buy*

* Doing another Cooking The Cookbook *

* Doing more mini food projects/themes *

Let's hope this year my foodie adventures will turn up more interesting than the last.


  1. Oh you seem to do this every year ~ a forecast :)

  2. Yes, these are the only resolutions I have in my life now.


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