Cooking The Cookbooks

I guess by now you would have probably caught the drift that I am a cookbook hoarder. Yes, it is a disease. But I don't want to seek help.

Over the CNY period, I wandered into Borders and came out with a big bag of books. All within a matter of an hour in the shop. I should be banned from bookshops. Even online ones!

As I was walking from the bookshop to the car, I had a epiphany. As if struck by lightening. I thought: "Why don't I just start cooking from some of the books that I have?" Rocket science problem resolved. I feel so proud of myself! Du-uh.

So I am going to try out a little experiment here to cook strictly from a cookbook for a whole month and see how many recipes I am able to turn out from it. This little experiment will probably help me (a) weed out books that I hoard for no particular reason; (b) try more new recipes; and (c) avoid inspiration void by narrowing the search to just one book.

Now let's see how I fare at the end of the month!


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