Tri-colour Marble Bread

In line with my new year resolution, bread making is definitely on the list. I've tried the western version of white bread, and I don't quite appreciate the dense and chewy texture. So it's going to be those white fluffy kind for me.

Looking at the older posts, it could well explained why I felt so out-of-touch making the bread. I forgot to warm the milk and prep the butter before hand. Sigh ...

Here's a nice photo of it and also the recipe (but in Japanese). I will give my version of it once I could nail down the exact taste I would like to achieve.


  1. Hi, what's the greenish bread huh?
    Looks nice.

  2. Oh, the bread is a combo of Cocoa, green tea and plain. I don't know why, but I the matcha I used was quite hard to knead into the dough and hence the uneven-ness when baked.


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