All-purpose Seafood Dish

I can't remember when was the last time Hubby went to a wet market. When he did the marketing, I know I am in for standing at the sink for hours just to sort and prep the food for cooking the following week. Ahh ... those were the organised days.

In these laissez-faire days, we seem to be more JIT (just in time) with our grocery. But trust me, my fridge is still chock full of stuff and is far worse than this. Maybe there are some science projects hidden inside. Hmm ... Yes, there was a pair of Japanese sweet potatoes with eery purplish spots and then there was half a lemon sitting in there looking tired and sad.

So when my mom popped over for the dinner with various types of uncooked fish and scallops in tow, I was more than happy to whip up this dish for her, which she seems to like as much as we do. The base is always the same combo: garlic, stock, white wine, capers, lemon juice and halved cherry tomatoes. Once it comes to a boil, just dump the partially cooked fish and/or cleaned shellfish into it. Let it sit for another few minutes and dig in.

This dish is easy to put together, impressive to serve any guest and it is good as a standalone dish. Just round the meal up with a nice dessert and the day will end on the most wonderful note, especially when the kitchen clean-up is done by someone else. *wink*


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