Good Read: Home Cooking: A Writer In The Kitchen

Sitting down to read a book from cover to cover is a fantasy that I have since the arrival of our little princess. A good book is hard to come by too. But I had the good fortune to pick one up over the Chinese New Year period from Borders.

Home Cooking: A Writer In The Kitchen is such a wonderful book to sit down with especially when I want a quick read while my little princess finish up her segment of Upin and Ipin on the TV. The book is a collection of many essays which the author has written for various columns. I am still trying to get used to her style of writing but I would say that most of what she has written will strike a cord with any home cook.

Take for instance her essay Baking Bread Without Agony. I suppose my lack of bread making over the past years was due to this agony from the process. When I attempted to make bread for the first time I was terrified of the long and complicated process. Some books are very fastidious in their methods while others are every exacting in their description of what they considered to be acceptable in bread making. But still I persever in my goal to achieve the kind of bread I would like to call my own. You don't want to be near those initial loaves I turned out. If one should fall on your head, you'll be out cold for hours. Now that I have walked the path, I can completely relate to what she was going through when faced with her own bread making demon and how liberated she felt when it was vanquished.

There are other essays which I found extremely interesting is The Low-Tech Person's Batterie de Cuisine. If only I had read this when starting my cooking days, I wouldn't have to find space for so many gadgets and equipment.

Here's another review on the book on the Cleaner Plate Club.

Unfortunately the book is not available in our library. (-.-) Maybe I should recommend the book.

Update (9 May 2013): The book is now available at our National Library. In fact I love the cover of the book so much that I even borrowed it despite having my own copy collecting dust in my cupboard!


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