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Feast and Flabby

Greetings to all my readers who celebrate Chinese New Year. I believe a Vulcan salute is short and perfect for this sort of event, but sans the hand sign if you don't mind. So here goes: Live long and prosper.

The days leading to the CNY were filled with food and more food. Unfortunately, I got so swamped with food that I didn't take any photos at all.

CNY for us kicked off with a BBQ at my place with my side of the family. It was meant to be a BBQ but the wire cord for the electric grill went missing, so we had to improvise with a induction cooker and skillet. The food was mainly prepared by me. Hey, BBQ is the easiest way to entertain. Everything can be made before hand and the guests cook their own food. Here are some of the food that I made:

* Ratatouille
* White fungus dessert
* Sicilian Fish Stew
* Mango Salsa
* Simple Grilled Wagyu Beef
* Garlic, Ginger and Soy Marinated Beef Flank Steak
* Orange, Sage and Garlic Pork Tenderloin
* Citrus and Cilantro Spice Chicken
* Assorted store bought sausages
* Grilled portobello and white button mushrooms
* Grilled pineapples
* Orange segments

The next day after that, we had another round of feasting at my in-law's place which was steamboat style. OMG! There were lots of food but thank goodness most of the items were boiled so it wasn't as unhealthy as the previous night's BBQ. But as we had promised my sister-in-law that we would get a cake for her birthday, which was in the beginning of Feb, I bought 6 sinful but wonderfully delicious french cakes for dessert. The little cakes were so artfully decorated and dainty looking. In contrast to their American counterparts, these little jewels were light in the mouth with just the right amount of sweetness to qualify it as dessert. Their combinations are interesting as well. Mango and basil? Cocoa cheesecake? Green Tea Bavarian? They don't come cheap though, at an average of $6.50 per slice of heaven.

After all that, CNY rolled over and we began our grazing on all the different types of snacks. From the tradition pineapple tarts and kueh bangkit to more innovative and modern orange almond cookies dipped in chocolate.

When we got home, Hubby commented that the older one gets, the less anticipation one has for CNY. That made me wonder why. In my childhood, CNY was a big event. We had to clean out our stuff and make everything neat and tidy. After which we will be hauled to shopping malls to be outfitted in new clothes and shoes. And just days prior to CNY, we would get to choose the snacks which only appear during this time of the year. The last and the most important part of the whole gala is the red packet collection.

Even as I type, I think I know the answer: Over-abundance.

Traditional snacks which used to appear during CNY period, are now available all year round. These days, we don't need a reason to buy new clothes and/or shoes. Some children have more pocket money in a month than his total collection during CNY. So is CNY is becoming a dying tradition, bordering on being a nusance to some.

I worry. I worry that that will be how my little princess view CNY when she grows up. That one day she will lose her roots. I can't help that traditionl snacks are readily available all year round, but I can reduce her intake and make them special treats. I hope that little things as such will keep her interest in celebrating this event in many more years to come.


  1. BBQ on CNY is something different hehe!

  2. Yup! That's what I thought also. Everyone has a share of fun taking turns are the grill. Haha ... Next year I am going to try something else. Have you heard of Osechi (Japanese New Year's cuisine)? Go Google the photos.

  3. Yes, saw some Osechi pictues before. Different new year foods packed very prettily in nice boxes.

    Some are very elaborate & looks too pretty to be eaten!


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